Ceperic Ciencia & Justicia is a prestigious and renowned forensic laboratory specialized in forensic document analysis, handwriting analysis, intellectual and industrial property, criminology, dactiloscopy and forensic computing. We also provide our services in preparing different types of expert reports.

The forensic laboratory was founded in 2011 by Rito Martín Díaz, an expert witness who started preparing independent forensic reports in 2001 for the companies awarded with the preparation of expert reports directed to the judicial system in the Canary Islands (autonomous community of Spain). This forensic laboratory is intended to represent a multidisciplinary forensic firm.

We assist justice by offering our professional legal advice to public entities and private companies.

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Ceperic Ciencia & Justicia is a complete forensic laboratory, highly specialized in forensic document analysis, handwriting analysis, industrial and intellectual property, criminology, dactiloscopy, forensic computing, information and communication technologies, forensic audio, accounting and valuations, expertise in both civil and public works, forensic dentistry, etc.

Our professionals are convinced that our customer’s necessities are our most important asset. Therefore, we are very committed to offering proper solutions and satisfying our customer’s necessities

Our work in assisting justice includes technical-scientific investigations and evidence evaluation and verification, providing convincing means of proof resulting from accurate and thorough examinations.

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Our forensic laboratory is equipped with scientific cutting edge technology which, in conjunction with the specific permanently–trained professionals, enhances and consolidates the methods and proceedings employed in laboratory research.

The Forensic Document Analysis laboratory is equipped with the latest instruments to examine and evaluate many security measures, inks, watermarks, OVI inks (optically variable inks), authenticity marks, etc.

Photography allows the investigator to observe minor details that might be useful in supporting and explaining the individual characteristics of handwriting, impressions, security measures and distinctive measures. It is, in fact, a valuable complement to the expert report that might be used as graphic evidence.

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